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Proactive and enthusiastic, Marty can’t help but deliver outstanding results with his commitment to devising creative campaigns and his personal, supportive approach to every client.

Marty has long been viewed as an outstanding performer on the North Shore, and his satisfied clients can attest to his ability to make what is often a high-pressure situation feel uncomplicated and stress-free.

With a strong team behind him, Marty is able to provide wraparound support for each of his clients, ensuring every target is met and followed up with expert communication. 

His personal and practical understanding of renovations, new builds and developments have given Marty a well of experience to draw from. 

Coupled with focused attention to detail and an open-minded approach to tackling obstacles, Marty is a solutions-focused partner with a sound understanding of the local market.

Adept in multiple languages, Marty has solid ties to many cultural communities across the North Shore and has proven himself as well connected as he is committed to every project. Marty never takes his role for granted and has great pride in his position assisting big life changes for his clients. 


  • 2021/2022 - Executive - Honorary
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