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Invest in Residential Rental Property with Lochore’s

Are you ready to make residential investment properties a part of your larger investment strategy? Lochore’s can help you build your personal wealth and plan for retirement, working with you to manage the risks and capitalise on the benefits of residential property investment through rental income and capital gains.

If you’re thinking about buying an investment property, contact our team today to discuss how we can help you buy, sell, and build your property portfolio and your personal wealth.

Planning your investment strategy
Investing in property is all about seeing the big picture. With Lochore’s, your property investment advisor will help you develop a realistic, long-term financial strategy. This involves:

Working with you to determine how many properties your portfolio can and should include, subject to standard lenders terms and conditions.
Explain how you can fund your initial investments based on your financial circumstances and how you’ll protect your investments if those circumstances change.
Sharing our property investment insights and knowledge of the North Shore property market to ensure your strategy incorporates potential changes to the property market or interest rates.
Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that your investment strategy has a strong start and continues building your personal wealth all the way to retirement.

Investing in properties that work for you
Thanks to our years of experience and market knowledge, we know what a good investment property looks like. We can help you recognise the potential value in available properties, weighing factors like condition, location, available fixtures, whether or not they meet the Healthy Homes Standards, and more, to find properties that will attract the right tenants and generate sufficient rental income.

As a property investor, we want you to see the “bottom line”—this includes your projected income and cash flow for the next ten years along with the up-front charges you’ll need to account for, such as conveyancing fees, mortgage charges, insurance, and more. Property investment is all about weighing the full cost of your investment today against the returns you’ll enjoy years down the road. Lochore’s can help you see that big picture more clearly.

Let Lochore’s manage the day-to-day of your properties
Once your investment has been established, you can get back to business and leave the day-to-day responsibilities of managing your investment properties to the Lochore’s property management team. Our talented property managers currently manage over 500 properties across Auckland’s North Shore, and we’ll deliver the same cost-effective, tax-deductible services for you.

To learn more, download Lochore’s Real Estate’s Residential Property Investment Booklet, contact us.

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