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Rental inspections

Final inspection – guide to tenant cleaning – bond saver!

Please present this completed checklist to your property manager at your final inspection.

To avoid cleaning charges and unnecessary deductions from your bond, it is in your best interests to ensure that the following items are attended to before your final inspection and vacating the property.

To print the complete checklist –

Important notes

  • Arrange final inspection with your Property Manager. Advise utilities providers – power, phone & gas companies of change of address.
  • Cancel automatic rent payment with the bank.
  • Redirect mail.
  • Leave garage remotes on kitchen bench.
  • Advise Property Manager of ICP number from electricity account for future tenant’s reference. Have all keys ready for return at final inspection.
  • Water meter – the Property Manager will arrange a reading on the last day of tenancy.

Note: The checklist is only a guide and additional cleaning may be required.


  • The oven, griller, oven trays, racks and warming drawer – clean thoroughly.
  • Rangehood (including filters where applicable) – clean thoroughly.
  • All cupboards – clean inside and out (don’t forget the tops of the cupboards!).
  • Sink taps and waste disposal unit (if applicable) – clean & polish.
  • Walls, tiled areas and ceilings – ensure free from grease and mould.
  • All benches and floors – ensure clean and free from grease.
  • The dishwasher is to be left clean. Wipe over internal door and remove debris from drainer (if applicable).
  • Refrigerator (if applicable) to be defrosted and all surfaces to be cleaned, including shelves and crisper drawer. Switch appliance off at wall and leave doors open.
  • All switches and power points – ensure free of grease and finger marks.
  • Pull out stove and refrigerator (if applicable) and clean behind it.

All rooms

  • Carpets to be commercially shampooed as per the terms of your agreement. Evidence of this must be provided when tenant vacates. Please do not hire a Rug Doctor machine.
  • Windows and window sills and any fixed shelves – clean thoroughly.
  • Doors and doorframes – leave clean and undamaged.
  • All marks and mildew – ensure removed from walls. Cobwebs – remove from ceilings, cornices and walls. All light fittings & shades – clean and ensure free from insects.
  • All floors and skirting boards – sweep/vacuum/wet mop/wipe.
  • All ceiling fans (if applicable) – wipe clean and free of dust.
  • Mirrors including wardrobe mirrors – ensure wiped clean.
  • Drapes/curtains – rehook curtains onto tracks if missing or broken.
  • Drapes – dry-cleaned if mould appears during tenancy. All net curtains (if applicable) – launder with care Venetian blinds – wipe clean thoroughly (if applicable). All extractor fans throughout the property – clean. Air vents – ensure free of dust.
  • Broken glass or mirrors – replace.
  • Light bulbs – ensure all are functioning and replace any missing bulbs.
  • Picture hooks – leave on walls.
  • Light switches and power points – wipe free of dirt and finger marks.
  • Any stickers or decals and sticky residue – remove. Batteries in all smoke alarms – ensure all have functioning batteries.

Bathroom / ensuite

  • Shower and/or bath – scrub and ensure free of all soap residue.
  • Grouting – ensure free of mildew and soap residue. Shower curtain or door – scrub and ensure free of all soap residue.
  • All plugholes – clear of any debris and ensure they have plugs.
  • Mirror – clean.
  • Vanity – scrub and ensure free of all soap residue. Vanity cupboards and drawers – clean thoroughly. Taps – polish.
  • Toilet/s – clean thoroughly (bowl, seat & cistern).


  • Tub – clean and remove debris from plughole. Cupboard – clean thoroughly inside and out. Washing machine and/or dryer (if applicable) – to be cleaned and filters cleared.

Outside area

  • Lawns (if applicable) – mow and trim edges within 2 days before vacating.
  • Gardens – weed (if applicable).
  • DO NOT dump grass clippings anywhere on property.
  • No rubbish to be left in the gardens, around the property or under the house.
  • Recycle wheelie bin to be emptied, washed out and left on property.
  • Deck – leave clean and tidy.
  • Driveways, carports, garages and concrete areas
  • Ensure free from oil and grease stains.
  • Garage – sweep and remove cobwebs.
  • Pool (if applicable) – clean and vacuum. Store pool equipment.

Pest control

  • If pets have been kept on the premises, then you must have the property flea-bombed as per tenancy agreement. Evidence of this must be provided on vacate date.
  • Damage that occurs resulting from tenant’s neglect must be rectified at the tenant’s cost.

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