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Why Lochore’s

Why choose Lochore’s real estate agents to sell your house?

Specialists in North Shore real estate

Choose Lochore’s Auckland real estate agency to list your home and one of our very experienced salespeople will be at your service. We will work with you to identify the most effective campaign to target the right buyers for your property.

We’ll tell you what we believe your house is worth and recommend the appropriate sale strategy to attract the optimum number of buyers to achieve the best possible sale price in the current Auckland property market.

Our real estate agents have established a reputation for quality marketing, a high standard of service and professionalism and outstanding sales results. Our reputation is invested in every property campaign we design and manage.

  • We achieve an 85-90% success rate for properties we sell at auctions. There is a winning formula behind this success.
  • We have more top 2-10% salespeople than most agencies on the North Shore.

Significant local real estate knowledge on the North Shore, Auckland

Knowledge and experience are more valuable than ever when navigating Auckland’s rapidly changing property market. We offer you:

  • Vast local knowledge of Auckland’s North Shore – our salespeople have worked and lived on the North Shore for many years.
  • Accurate property appraisals.
  • Very high-quality specialised and experienced sales and administrative staff.
  • A greater level of personal service to give you a quality sales experience.
  • A thorough understanding of the Unitary Plan requirements and restrictions.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of changes in government legislation and local body requirements, as well as the REA (Real Estate Agents Authority).

Comprehensive real estate & property management services

  • A high-performing residential sales service that includes in-house marketing, graphics, and professional photography.
  • A specialist investment property sales team.
  • A leading residential development team.
  • One of the largest and most experienced rental/property management departments on the North Shore.

Customised and intensive marketing focus to sell your properties

  • Customised targeted marketing campaigns – We evaluate all the marketing options to develop a customised, intensive and focused campaign that ensures every source of potential buyers is reached within the first two weeks. We recommend taking a property to auction only if it’s proven to be the most successful option in the North Shore property market at the time.
  • Showing your home to its best advantage – We use a quality professional photographer to highlight your property’s best features.
  • Comprehensive internet coverage – Your listing will be displayed on our website,, and the Chinese language website We also provide interactive digital marketing of your property and we are active on the main social media sites.

Benefit from using a boutique Auckland real estate company

Being a boutique size enables us to be agile and flexible on your behalf. We can move quickly to maximise opportunities to present your property to the appropriate buyers. We don’t need several branch offices to give you a great result. And that’s because most buyers start searching via the internet. Our listed properties get the same online searches as those of bigger companies.

By working as a team, we achieve more for you

Our cutting-edge real estate technology streamlines our documentation and administrative processes behind the scenes to ensure that our salespeople are well supported. Our strong company culture and co-operative spirit helps us to ensure that you get maximum value from working with us. We value our staff and provide ongoing staff training. Our results speak for themselves.

Our company background

Lochore’s Real Estate is a family-owned and managed business with a proven track record. We have been operating from Birkenhead, Auckland since 1977. Today the company is a thriving organisation with over 35 staff. The company is headed by Paul Lochore, whose decades of North Shore real estate experience provides a solid foundation of support and knowledge for our sales teams. Our robust property management division complements our extensive real estate sales expertise.

Paul Lochore

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