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How Real Estate Salespeople Help You Sell Your Home

By Ali Frederickson

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes when your Lochore’s real estate sales agent comes on board? If you’re selling a home or property in the North Shore, you deserve a real estate salesperson with a deep understanding of the area and strives to learn about you and your needs. Continue reading below to learn how the real estate salespeople at Lochore’s help you sell your home.

We work hard to understand you

At Lochore’s, we’re not just selling your property to collect a commission. We believe in the North Shore neighbourhoods we serve and want to find buyers and tenants who will be happy and comfortable in them while still delivering excellent outcomes for our clients. To do that, we need to understand your circumstances and ambitions by asking all the relevant questions.

Do you have a strict timeline to sell your property? Do you have a sale price goal you really want to achieve? Do you need extra assistance with specific aspects of the sales process? We take the time to get to know you and build a plan around your goals.

We then get to know your property, providing a comprehensive market appraisal to ensure you gain the best possible sale price. We’ll give you a written estimate of your sale price based on our understanding of the North Shore property market climate and other market trends, and then explain your options for selling.

We won’t continue until we’ve provided you with written explanations of our commission costs, the risk of double commission, and a mutually-reached end-date for our agreement. You’ll also receive a copy of the New Zealand Residential Property Agency Agreement Guide, per NZ property law.

We put you in touch with the people and resources you need

A real estate agent is a very valuable person to have in your corner, and it’s not just because of our knowledge and experience. We’ve also built a valuable network of tools and contacts to help make your sale a success.

We’ll offer a detailed explanation of the customised marketing plan we’ll roll out for your property, drawing on our in-house resources to deliver photography, graphics, and marketing materials that put your property in front of the right people. We’ll also work to ensure you receive sound legal counsel to offer assistance and advice with sale and agreement documents.

Of course, the biggest resource when selling a property is time. There will need to be someone present at open homes, putting in the hours to develop and produce marketing plans, negotiating with interested parties, and coordinating with legal counsel. The reality is that, as a home seller, you won’t be able to put enough hours aside to keep up with all the demands of selling a property. This is where we come in.

We draw on our deep understanding of the North Shore property market

Lochore’s is among the most established real estate companies in Auckland’s North Shore. We’ve been here for decades, watching the area grow and change. Our real estate salespeople understand what makes each North Shore neighbourhood distinct and interesting, and what North Shore homes are earning in the market today.

With our intimate understanding of the North Shore market, we can ensure you achieve the best possible sale price through effective marketing and exposure to potential buyers seeking precisely what your property offers.

The partner you need, for the sale price you want

With more top 2-10% salespeople than most agencies on the North Shore, you can trust that Lochore’s Real Estate’s sales team delivers proven results. If you’re ready to sell your North Shore property, contact our sales team today!

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