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Top Five Benefits of Living on Auckland’s North Shore

By Ali Frederickson

Auckland’s North Shore is more than a place; it’s a lifestyle! Those who choose life on “The Shore” seldom regret it, and as one of North Shore’s leading real estate sales and property management companies, we know better than most what life across the harbour has to offer. Below are the top five benefits of living on Auckland’s North Shore.

1. Great beaches & plenty of outdoor activities

North Shore runs ahead of the pack when it comes to sandy, sunny beaches. The white sand strips at Takapuna, Milford, and Cheltenham in Devonport are just a few minutes away from most of the North Shore’s proud residents. Most suburbs, such as Birkenhead, have access to beaches or inner harbour water areas, with many swimming spots dotted from Northcote Point to Beach Haven wharf. This allows for numerous water activities—from boating and fishing, to stand up paddleboarding and jet skiing.

It doesn’t stop there, either. If you prefer your nature a bit more landlocked, you’ll find great tramps at the Fernglen Native Plant Gardens, Kauri Park, Birkenhead Domain, and Mount Victoria, among plenty of other green spaces still practically in the Sky Tower’s shadow! North Shore offers an unbeatable balance of natural splendour and city living, with so many options to explore the great outdoors by using the many walking paths, cycling paths, and tramps available.

2. Tech jobs skew for a younger, diverse crowd

The 2010s marked a period of significant change for Auckland’s North Shore. In 2015, business leaders and scholars from Albany and Massey Universities gathered at the Grow North conference. Those at the symposium committed to a vision to make North Shore a world-recognised hub for innovation in New Zealand by 2050.

North Shore has stormed into the 2020s as one of New Zealand’s fastest-growing populations, and the blossoming of great tech jobs has attracted young, diverse residents that give North Shore a particular vibrance among Auckland region’s cities and suburbs.

3. Quality schools

For younger families and future parents, North Shore promises top-quality schools just across the harbour from Auckland’s commercial and cultural epicentre, making it a great destination for young couples thinking ahead to their children’s futures. In fact, there are over a dozen top-rated decile-10 schools and colleges on the North Shore, so you’re sure to find one close to home!

4. Accessibility

Auckland’s Harbour Bridge is much more than a skyline decoration, it plugs North Shore residents directly into the heart of the city. Enjoying the many perks of North Shore living doesn’t require sacrificing access to all that Auckland’s CBD has to offer. A wealth of bus routes and easy bridge access for cars gives you the best of both worlds. Ferry services from Birkenhead, Northcote Point, Beach Haven, and Devonport also provide a great alternative way of commuting to and from the CBD.

5. Stylish neighbourhoods

What visitor to Auckland wouldn’t want to make time for an arthouse flick at the Bridgeway Cinema in Northcote or the Sunday Night Market at Birkenhead Shopping Mall? The North Shore boasts an array of stylish strips and neighbourhoods, each with a distinct vibe, from the multicultural Northcote Centre to Beach Haven’s beloved House of Chocolate. Wherever you choose to live in North Shore, you’ll be within walking distance of hip cafés, great restaurants, and artisanal shops.

Your North Shore home awaits!

Looking for houses for sale in North Shore, Auckland? Whether you’re investing in rental properties or a home to put down roots, you can count on Lochore’s Real Estate to acquaint you with the perfect residential property. Our dedicated, professional team of real estate salespeople have helped many people experience the joys of North Shore living. Contact us today if you want to be next!

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