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Time to Look Again at Beach Haven & Birkenhead Properties

By Ali Frederickson

Contrary to popular belief, Auckland’s North Shore real estate properties aren’t all expensive bay-side villas and costly waterfront homes. In reality, it’s home to some of the best value properties in Auckland, particularly for for first-home buyers—you only need to know where to look!

We are, of course, talking about Beach Haven and Birkenhead, two cosy neighbourhoods tucked away on the North Shore’s southwest corner. Many first-time buyers overlook these hidden gems, but they have plenty to offer homebuyers and investors alike.

If you’re seeking great homes at a great value and at a great location, here’s why our North Shore real estate salespeople recommend that you look closer at Beach Haven and Birkenhead.

Beach Haven: A quiet slice of coastline with access to city bustle

Once muddy farmland, Beach Haven has gone through several transformations since property was first sold here almost a hundred years ago. Today, the neighbourhood is earning a new reputation as a high-value option for younger homebuyers who need not be plugged directly into the bustle of the city. Metro Magazine even called Beach Haven one of Auckland’s hot new spots!

Beach Haven’s gentle slopes toward Sunset Bay offer many neighbourhood homes a view of calm harbour waters, giving the area a sunny evening holiday vibe. A wealth of kauri and Pohutukawa trees keep the area green and tapped into New Zealand’s natural fauna.

The neighbourhood isn’t as close to the highways connecting to the Harbour Bridge as most North Shore communities, but the Beach Haven (Hobsonville) Auckland ferry keeps access a breeze (it’s even more affordable with your AT Hop card). Schools and colleges are nearby, and a cute village centre offers all the necessary amenities to make life comfortable.

Lochore’s real estate salespeople and North Shore property managers know what makes Beach Haven so appealing to its roughly ten thousand residents. That’s why we’re always keen to offer some of the neighbourhood’s best value properties. Explore Beach Haven properties today and contact a Lochore’s salesperson to learn more.

Birkenhead – Leisurely living in the shadow of the Harbour Bridge

Birkenhead enjoys some of the best coastal views of the Auckland Harbour Bridge, but the benefits don’t stop there. It’s also one of the closest neighbourhoods to the bridge on the North Shore, making the CBD more accessible for those seeking the North Shore’s leisurely vibes. Named after a Liverpool suburb that inspired New York City’s Central Park, the North Shore neighbourhood is decidedly lower scale, with cute, restored villas and a scattering of modern homes and apartment buildings.

The Birkenhead neighbourhood is surrounded by a wealth of green parks, including the Little Shoal Bay Reserve, Chelsea Estate Heritage Park, Kauri Glen Reserve, and others. Not to mention it’s got a strong, vibrant community of local businesses that include an array of cafes, restaurants, and boutique shops, with a local patronage that supports it.

While traffic can be stuffy, the convenient ferry from Hinemoa Street makes it easy to forego the bridge and access the city centre quickly. Getting around locally isn’t a problem, either, as there are excellent bus routes as well as convenient locations for supermarkets and public services. Don’t get us started on the stunning Birkenhead Library!

Here at Lochore’s, we often offer stylish homes and villas in Birkenhead, where property prices remain very competitive despite the neighbourhood’s excellent bridge access. Explore Birkenhead properties today and get in touch with a Lochore’s salesperson today to learn more about Birkenhead living.

Your North Shore dream home awaits

Whether Beach Haven or Birkenhead sound like the communities for you, Lochore’s offers great value properties throughout North Shore’s many distinct neighbourhoods. Contact us today to find your dream North Shore property.

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